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Since 2012, we provide debate and public speaking trainings and club meetings for the alumni of "Cantemir Vodă" National College. Within one year or less they can speak for 8 or more minutes on controversial topics of general importance and within 4 years, they usually get admitted to top international universities, one of the reasons being the personality they develop because of debating.


Yearly, we bring together more than 30 debate clubs and more than 1600 highschoolers and university students to debate and share experiences at one of our 4 traditional events: CDX, NextGen, CeDeBePe and Spring Camp. They get to research and think about topical subjects, debating in teams of three speakers.


Our students are among the most persuasive public speakers or debaters in Romania, in the last 6 years of activity winning 10 national tournaments. Moreover, some were selected to take part in the National Team of Romania for WSDC, the most prestigious worldwide highschool debate tournament.

Civic education

Through the nature of our training, we aim to build characters that focus on logic and facts, influencing them to be the next pillars of our society and developing key traits such as persuasion, team work, leadership and responsibility which are seldomly thought in the Romanian pre-universitary education system, but are essential to the evolution of our society.


We're a team of university students that share their know-how as certified trainers by ARDOR, the nationwide NGO regarding debate and public speaking. Through ARDOR and the sustained relationship with nationally recognized professors of "Cantemir Vodă" National College, we aim to share our knowledge and prepare the next generation for any challenge.

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our team

Part of the 2nd generation of debaters the club produced, about 6 months short of being a founding member himself. Nonetheless, his overachieving personality has pushed through the organization of more than 7 competitions and the creation of the NGO.

Mihnea Andrei Săvulescu


An entrepreneurial and adventurous personality. He loves public speaking and reading books. He studies Law at the University of Bucharest.

Augustin Țurcan

Executive officer

Thinks that debating and public speaking are the best forms of non-formal education that she could’ve practiced in high school, idea sustained by her activity as a competitive debater since 2013 and as a trainer since 2015. She is studying Security Studies at the University of Bucharest and has a passion for criminology and forensic science.

Florentina Teodora Mihalcea

Debate club coordinator & Trainer

One of the founding members of Cantemir Debate Club. He's a kind and energetic person, always pointing everyone towards the bright side of things. He loves clubbing and gaming and has a longtime passion for fantasy novels and martial arts. He is studying to become a Computer Engineer and is considering opening a business of his own.

Horia Velciu


Studies International Relations and Security at the University of Sheffield and he loves football. When he is not running training for the Sheffield Debating Society he can be found either in the library or on the football pitch.">

Cosmin Cristea

Founding Member

Loving things that pick his brain, training for Cantemir Debate Club is one of his favourite pastimes. Even though he's studying Systems Engineering, he considers public speaking to be an essential skill for a well rounded person.

Said Sakuh

Junior trainer

Pragmatic and energetic, always looking for the next intellectual challenge. He studies law at the Law Faculty of the University of Bucharest.

Filip Ungureanu

Junior trainer

Passionate about the human mind and is never tired of learning about people and social interraction. He is studying psychology at the university "Titu Maiorescu".

Andrei Bosoancă

Junior trainer

Currently studying Politics & Philosophy at the University of Sheffield. After debating in both national and international competitions for 4 years during high school, she has decided to continue developing this skill in university, and is now a proud member of Sheffield Debating Society. She has a passion for old music and minimalist architecture, and some would say she is a good cook.

Andreea Luiza Huidan

Junior trainer

A young guy who thinks that debating was the most important hobby he could have ever had. It helped him become a better student and now he offers this opportunity to highschool students as a trainer. Currently studying International Relations and Economy at Academia de Studii Economice Bucuresti.

Cristinel George Rotaru

Junior trainer

A very sociable and high spirited person that loves spending her time working with other people. Currently a 12th grade student of Cantemir Voda National College.

Ana Luță

Junior trainer

He is the last man standing of his generation and one of the best debaters this club produced. His work ethic and determination helped him win 2 national competitions while also being awarded as a top 10 speaker several times. His involvement in debate didn’t stop at learning how to build arguments, Tedy also having an important part when it comes to the organization of our competitions, trying to make them become a better experience for the debaters.

Teodor Abeaboeru

Junior trainer

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